Replacement Keys

How do I obtain replacement keys if I have existing copies?

Like any other item, keys do not last forever. Keys may wear out due to user damage, neglect, or use as pry bars and makeshift knives. It happens.

If you have an existing key, obtaining a replacement key is easy. Simply go to a local locksmith and tell them that you want a replacement key. The locksmith will obtain a suitable blank key and cut it to the specifications of the original key. If the key is bent or visually distorted, it should still be possible for a locksmith to make a copy.

How do I obtain replacement keys if I don’t have an existing copy of the key?

It is still possible to get a new key for an existing lock without the original keys. The tumblers inside locks often have specific numbers assigned to them, which is how a locksmith knows what key to use and what to make. Locksmiths

Doing it yourself is possible. It requires disassembling the cylinder, assessing the movement of each individual tumbler, and filing down a blank key until it matches the individual tumblers. Doing this is difficult and time-consuming. Most customers will be better off bringing the cylinder to a locksmith to get a new key made. Customers can also have a locksmith come out to their location, although this will usually entail an added cost.

How do I obtain replacement keys if my key utilizes a transponder or other electronic device?

Some keys use electronic signals to enable full functionality. Even if an individual obtains a key that is perfectly cut to the original specification, the device will not function without the transponder. Usually, these are ignition keys for modern automobiles. Such devices are designed specifically to prevent easy duplication of the key and to limit access to the device to certain specific keys. Modern vehicles will often disable the fuel pump or other essential function if the key in the ignition does not match the original.

Unfortunately, this often means that individuals must request copies of a key from the entity that supplied the original key. If the device is an automobile, the individual often must obtain keys from the dealer. Any key that can be cut by a locksmith will operate the doors and trunk, but not the ignition. Having a spare standard key will still enable the owner to gain access to the vehicle and is handy if the individual locks himself or herself out of the vehicle.

To obtain a key that will access the vehicle and trunk, but not operate the ignition, individuals can follow the steps listed above.