Rekeying locks

Rekeying Locks: Is it possible?

Have you broken your last key? Do you need someone who can rekey your locks? Many locksmiths provide rekeying lock services, and it doesn’t take long to complete. A good locksmith can have your locks rekeyed in 30 to 45 minutes while you wait.

There are two ways to perform rekeying locks. The entire cylinder can be replaced, or the locksmith can create a new key for the existing lock.

Replacing The Cylinder

Replacing the entire cylinder is a good idea if you’ve lost your keys, someone has broken into your home or someone has stolen your keys. A licensed and professional locksmith can come to your home and replace the cylinder without replacing the entire lock. The locksmith’s van or truck should have all the tools he or she needs to replace the entire cylinder quickly and effectively.

In order to replace the cylinder, the door has to be unlocked. Once the door is unlocked, the locksmith will remove the lock from the door and take out the cylinder with the keyhole. The locksmith will then insert a new cylinder that takes different keys than your old cylinder, and reinstall it into the door. This effectively changes the lock without actually changing the entire lock and lock housing.

New Key

New keys are needed when you’ve broken the last key for your lock. A professional locksmith can create a new key or multiple keys for your household lock. The process involves removing the lock from the door and placing it on a special machine that allows the locksmith to assess the tumblers and manually cut a new key. Locksmiths have special tools and snips that can allow them to accurately cut a new key for any lock.

This process takes between 30 and 45 minutes because the locksmith has to get the key completely correct. If the divots and peaks on the key don’t line up with the lock, the key won’t work. Once the locksmith has the key ready, he’ll test it in the lock to make sure it works, install the lock back on the door and test the key again, and there’s no worry about the effectiveness of the key or not being able to copy it. Handmade keys by a professional locksmith can be copied.

A professional locksmith should be able to effectively perform rekeying locks services, whether you need the lock cylinder completely replaced or your keys cut manually because you’ve broken you last key. It’s an effective and affordable service provided by all locksmiths.