Outside Gate Locks

Outside gates need different locks than a house would need, and while it’s tempting to think that any old chain and padlock from the hardware store will do, the truth is that they will get ruined in a jiffy and your property could be put at risk. While they might look solid to the untrained eye, inferior quality chain that isn’t weatherproofed can get rusty and can be weak due to rust or poor quality materials. Furthermore, locks with wafer or pin and tumbler mechanisms can be adversely affected by weather conditions: high humidity or extreme weather can ruin the interior springs. Basically, plain cheap chains and generic padlocks can get broken by bolt cutters.  For you outside gate, you simply need something better.

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If you have a gate that is to be locked shut with a chain and lock, make sure you get something like a proper motorcycle chain lock. These are thick, hardened, and weatherproof; they’ve also got high quality, difficult to pick locks. Your 24 hour locksmith NYC will probably be able to advise you on the right type to get.

You may also want to get a lock with a disc tumbler mechanism if you live in a high-crime area where weather conditions might be considered extreme. Disc tumbler locks have no interior springs, so they handle outdoor conditions much better.  Disc tumbler locks are also unbelievably difficult to pick and are bump-proof as well.

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If you’ve got a garden gate that you want to get a lock for, you’ll probably want to get a deadbolt lock for security, and you’ll probably want something decorative as well, like a latch. For an even higher degree of security, there are lockable latches available on the market which should be used along with a deadbolt.

If you’re not sure what exactly to get for your outside gate, visit a 24 hour locksmith NYC if you’re in the city; he or she will let you know what products you need; he or she will also be able to professionally install the locks and accessories for you.