Lock Car Keys In Car

There are things that you can do to help keep the act of locking your keys in your car from being a big deal.  You know that there is a good chance that you will lock your keys in the car at some point, so why not prepare for this eventuality now?  Here are steps that you can take both before and after you leave your keys in your locked car.  Some options are better than others.

 Hide An Extra Key

This is a controversial solution, but it is an option.  Some people suggest getting a magnetized little box that you can store an extra key in and attaching it somewhere on the underside of your vehicle.  The problem is that thieves may come across this box if they look for it.  Plus, if you don’t attach it securely enough, then it could come off of its own volition and not be there when you need it.

 Carry An Extra Key

You also have the option of carrying an extra car key on you at all times.  This is such a simple solution to the problem of locking your keys in your car that it is a wonder that more people don’t do it.  Carrying one small spare key couldn’t be easier, and it would allow you to lock your main keys in the car whenever you wanted because you would always be able to pull the spare out of your pocket to retrieve them.  This is one of the best options available because the key never leaves your side.  It allows you to get into the car without having to bring anyone else into the situation and without having to engage in risky behaviors.

 Try To Open It Yourself

You can use a wire hanger or a Slim Jim or whatever else you want to use to try to get the door open yourself.  The problem with this method is that it might not work, and you could do more harm than good.  More than a few poor souls have accidentally scratched up their cars while trying to get this trick to work, but many people insist on going ahead and doing it anyway.  You could do it successfully, but it seems like a rather crude and risky approach in this day and age.

 Call For Help

The last option, but certainly not the least of all these options, is to call for help.  There are people who do this for a living, so they know exactly how to get you back in your car after you have locked your keys in it.  This may not be the most desirable solution to your problem, but this approach will solve the problem.

You know that the odds are in favor of you locking your car keys in your car at some point, so know what you will do when this happens.  If you prepare for this almost inevitable frustration, then you can take steps to make it a nonissue.  Or you can try carrying a wire coat hanger with you everywhere you go and pray for the best.