Key Features For Door Security

Your doors are the first line of defence in your home’s security. This is the most likely entry point for intruders and your doors will indicate whether your home is a “soft” or a “hard” target.

Installing The Right Doors

Installing the right doors in your home is of the utmost importance. Your doors should either be made of solid wood, wood with a metal sheeting or made of solid metal. Outside doors should always have a peephole, as this allows you to check who is outside before you open your door.

It is also important that your door frames are as solid as your doors. Intruders will very often simply kick down your door to gain entry to your home and you want your door and your door frame to be able to handle the pressure.

Of course it is of no use having impenetrable doors if your windows are flimsy and easy to access. When you inspect and secure your doors make sure that you do the same for your windows.

Fire Safety

We usually spend a lot of time and money protecting ourselves from external threats such as burglaries or unwelcome trespassers. Although this is not only necessary but vital, it is also necessary to protect ourselves from threats that can come from inside our homes. If a fire occurs in your home, it is imperative that you and your family are able to exit the building quickly and with as little hindrance as possible.

The biggest threat in the event of a house fire is to be overcome by smoke before you can exit the building. This often happens because doors are kept locked and during a fire the occupants are unable to open them quickly enough to escape. This can happen for various reasons; panic being one of the main causes and being unable to unlock your doors fast enough being another.

Push Bars

Push bars, which are also known as panic bars or crash bars, are devices that are attached on the inside of a door, and are used for unlocking outward opening doors quickly and without the need of a key. In the event of an emergency, you simply push down on the bar and the door will open instantly.

They were invented as a direct result of a fire that occurred in Victorian England in which 183 children died. During a children’s variety show attended by 1100 children, a fire broke out. All the children rushed to the exits resulting in a stampede and because the doors were difficult to open, many died. The resultant legislation required that all venues must have outward facing doors with push bars installed on them.

Home innovation now makes it possible to use the same technology in your home, in the event that you may need to exit your house quickly.

Because the doors only open outward, the lever tumbling lock mechanisms allow for quick exits yet do not allow entry from the outside and are therefore totally secure and well worth considering. If you are unsure whether they will suit your home, discuss your requirements with your Local Locksmith who can advise you on the best designs and styles to suit your needs.

Alarms And Door Sensors

A good way to keep your home secure is by installing a home security system. These alarms usually come with door sensors. This is a great security benefit because when your door is breached in any way, the door sensors will automatically activate your alarm notifying you, and your security company of the breach.

Be Safe Inside Your House And Out

Having solid doors and windows, alarms and door sensors will fortify your house from outside threats. Having push bars on your doors will ensure that although your house is safe from the outside, in the event of an emergency, you are safe from the inside, giving you a quick exit point out of harms way.