Is your business property as secure as it needs to be?

If you are a business owner, keeping your property secure should be a top priority. Security starts with your mechanical lock system, and the key that operates that system is just as important.  Using high security restricted key systems can offer the protection you and your business nee. If you are concerned about your businesses security, and would like to know more about the restricted key systems, and how they work, read on.

Can Keys Be Duplicated?

With high security restricted key systems, the beauty of the system is the patented key. You can give your employees a key to your business without fear of them being duplicated or copied. You can only obtain a copy of the key from the original manufacturer of the locking system. This enables you to know you are protected, and that several unauthorized keys to your place of business are not floating around out there in the wrong hands.

There are times when you have issued a key to an employee, or staff member, only to find out they were not to be trusted. In these instances, you can get the key returned to you and know for a fact that they have not obtained a duplicate. In the event you cannot get the key returned to you, the locking system can be switched and new keys issued.

Can the Locks Be Picked?

The high security restricted key systems offer patented protection against drilling, or picking. There are a minimum of six hardened steel inserts located in the lock per key side. This helps to protect against drilling into the locking mechanism to compromise the security of the lock.

The locking mechanisms are equipped with paracentric keyways and specially designed anti-pick mushroom pins. These design features help to prevent the use of lock picking tools.

These design features help enforce the security of your business and offer you a peace of mind. You can rest assured that once your locking systems are installed, they are offering the highest-level of security available for your doors and gates.

Do You Feel Your Business is Secure Enough?

If you are in doubt about your businesses security, contact a high security restricted key systems specialist today. Having a security system in place that offers maximum security can not only protect your business from theft or vandalism, it can help you save money on your insurance premiums as well.

The strict procedures in place that require a signature for duplicate keys allow you to maintain total control of the security of your business. You never have to worry about keys being created and passed out to unauthorized people. You also never have to worry about your locks being compromised by a thief. They will have an easier time tearing down your building brick by brick than they would to remove the locking system in place.

Take the precautions you need to ensure your businesses total protection. The low cost you spend on a secure locking system can save you thousands in insurance premiums and loss prevention.