I lost my keys

I Lost My Keys, What Now?

You might be surprised at the number of people heading to the Internet to search for information about lost keys. You can lose your keys in dozens of ways. You might leave them behind at a restaurant, the keys might fall out of a damaged pocket or you might leave the keys sitting on a table inside your home. With so many property management companies now installing automatic door locks, more and more people start searches for “lost my keys” online.

The first step is to remain as calm as possible. If you find yourself screaming, “I lost my keys” and wanting to smack yourself, stop and take a deep breath. The more nervous, anxious and angry you are, the less likely it is that you will find a solution to your problem. When you find yourself locked outside of your house, stop thinking about lost my keys searches and start thinking about hiring a locksmith.

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Regardless of what type of lock you have on your home, you can still find a locksmith for the job. Those newer automatic locks are tricky for home owners and renters because the door automatically locks behind you. As soon as you close the door and the lock clicks into place, you cannot get back inside without a key. Even something as simple as running outside to get the newspaper without your key can result in a problem. Luckily, locksmiths can get the door open in just a few short minutes.

Locksmiths have specific tools that allow them to open the lock. The locksmith inserts a small pick into the lock and moves the levers into the correct position, which forces the lock open. Five-lock levers are the most common type of locks. The inside of the lock features several slots that the levers fit into, which keeps the door locked. Depending on the type of lock, it might take 20 minutes or longer until the locksmith gets the door open.

The moment that you realize, “I lost my keys” is a scary experience, but you can find a solution to the problem in minutes. Many people worry when they lose their keys because they wonder who might have access to their home. You don’t need to worry about this because the locksmith can install a new lock on your home. The locksmith can drill through your existing lock, remove it from the door and replace it with a brand new lock. Whether you want a new lock, or you just want to gain access to your home, the choice is yours.