How to change door locks

Locks are not permanent items. Some individuals lose keys and no longer trust the lock with the key potentially in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have one. Some individuals will Sometimes locks simply wear out. Whatever the case may be, individuals will occasionally need to change door locks.

Is it hard to learn how to change a door lock?

No. Most door locks are easy to replace and intuitive. Common door locks include simple locks integrated with the knob and deadbolt locks. Replacing these locks often entails purchasing a new lock system from any available hardware store or locksmith, removing the existing lock by unscrewing it and removing the side plate, opening the package of the new lock, inserting the new lock into the hole in the door, securing the new lock with the available screws, and inspecting the lock for reliable and secure operation. Generally, locks are user-serviceable.

It isn’t always that simple.

How to change a door lock that operates via electronic means?

Learning how to change door locks that operate via electronic means may be more difficult. Electronic door locks typically operate via a keypad located on the lock itself and require a cable connection between the front and back plates. They also may require mounting brackets, although these will usually be included in the lock itself.

If a conventional lock is being replaced with an electronic lock, installing the electronic lock may also require a strike plate. Simply drill into the door frame and install a strike plate so that the lock can securely operate.

Electronic locks with remote panels or computerized unlocking systems are more complicated and require running the cable connection over longer distances. Individuals seeking more than an exchange between simple door locks should consult a locksmith, lest they create a poorly secured system that does not work.

How to change door locks en masse?

If you have to change the locks on a building or home with several different locks and different types of locks, just call a locksmith. Locksmiths can key locks to work with the same keys, so that one does not have different keys for several different exterior doors. Simply raiding a shelf at the local store and attempting a D.I.Y. job can bring those types of results. Changing several locks can also take valuable hours out of your day.

After installing new locks, individuals with family members living in the same residence or colleagues working in the same building will often require duplicate keys to be cut. Using a locksmith will save customers a trip afterwards, as the locksmith can furnish the correct number of keys after the job is complete.