How to change a lock?

Keys and locks play an important role in the safety and security of almost anything you value in life. From family to friends, files to jewelries, cars to houses, the range of assets that keys and locks are installed to protect vary immensely. Unfortunately, your keys and locks will require replacing after some time. Whether it be due to a malfunction, upgrade, or losing the keys that unlock the system, changing your lock is inevitable. So, how should you do it? Do you need to call a pro just to change locks? What equipment and tools do you need when changing locks? Are there measures or considerations to be ruled out first prior undertaking the task?

How to Change Locks – Can You Do It Yourself?

In general, changing locks is a very simple and easy process to understand. The components aren’t that numerous, and the steps to install it properly do not require much skill or knowledge. However, changing locks properly should be allotted with ample time and effort to successfully accomplish the task by yourself. While it does take time, you can save money from having to call a pro to do it for you.

How to Change a Lock – What Do You Need?

The first thing you’ll need is to check and determine the brand of lock you will be replacing. If you don’t remember it and the box is unavailable, you can find the information on the latch. Replacing your existing door lock with another lock of the same specifications and styling will help guarantee that no configurations will have to be made to the door itself.

Next, identify the back set of your doorknob or deadbolt. This is estimated from the end of the door latch up to the core of the deadbolt or doorknob. The bolt or latch in various new lock sets are configurable for different sizes. However, always make sure of it prior leaving the hardware shop to avoid future hassles.

With the precise equipment you need and have, you can now begin working on the actual process on how to change a lock. Start off by removing your existing doorknob or deadbolt via backing out the screws that are holding it into place. These parts are located on the internal half of the knob. Once both screws are detached, simply pull each side of the doorknob.

How to Change Locks – How Much Would It Cost?

If, for any given reason, you decided to go with a locksmith service provider, the cost of having a specialist change locks will range from one provider to the next. Yet for maximum protection of you, your family and your assets, the value of these services make it worthwhile.