Home Security Tips

Did you know that home break-ins are very common? Almost every 17 seconds a home is burglarized. Usually when this horrible occurrence takes place, no one is at home to witness it. The proper security procedures can put off skilled thieves and amateur criminals. You, your friends and your family will be safer in your own home if you follow the next tips on security!

1. Home Alarm System – this is the first thing most people think of when securing their home or residence. Did you know a house with no security system is almost three times more likely of experiencing a break in? With a burglar alarm comes a monthly fee, which is usually not too expensive, and is definitely worth the money!

2. Guard Dogs – Some dogs are bred to protect you, your family, and your property. Some great dogs for protecting your family’s home are Rottweilers, Pit bulls, Dobermans and German Shepherds. You must be sure you are ready to properly care for a dog of any kind before you commit to adopting one. Find a dependable instructor to assist in training the dog properly.

3. Security Lights – Proper lights inside and outside of your home can keep criminals away. Install the lights near doors, windows, and any other spots where a robber may try to enter. Be sure to use an indoor light on a timer when you are not home, so it will appear to thieves that the home is occupied at all times. This will discourage thieves.

4. Dead Bolt Locks – Having even more than just one lock on your door may make things more problematic for any potential thief. Having a dead bolt or security chain on the inside of your doors are very important. Have a professional Locksmith install these for you.

5. Be Friendly with Neighbours – When you are friendly with your neighbours they are more likely to let you know if they see something suspicious around your home. They may even call the police on your behalf if they notice something strange going on when they know you are not at home. This can be very helpful!

Remember, your home is your castle, and you must protect it like one. Keep your doors and windows locked when you are not home, and ensure your alarm system is always properly activated! Follow the tips above and you will feel safe and secure in your house! Locksmith in Upper East Side of New York will provide help about protecting your house.