Electronic Door Locks

In these modern times where technology progressively moves the world forward at such a dizzying pace, the question remains: Why are we still leaving our homes exposed to intruders with an antiquated key-lock system that is susceptible to loss, tampering and costly maintenance that only gives a false sense of security?
The answer: electronic door locks for homes.

Electronic door locks provide a host of security benefits while eliminating numerous problems and challenges that traditional keyed entry systems have been famous for. Have you ever lost your key or locked yourself out of the house? How many times has the locksmith been called out to change the locks after a key went missing or a roomer has moved out? The simple fact that keys can be copied leaves the door wide open, so to speak, for the greatest ease of intrusion. It doesn’t make for restful sleep, does it?

Trade in the Keys for Peace of Mind

The convenience of electronic door locks for homes soon becomes immeasurable for those who have changed out there old mechanical key-lock door knobs and deadbolts. The keyless lock system is rust-resistant and protects the home from vandals using a combination keypad to permit access only to those who know the secret code. Codes can be changed easily at any time there is a need to restrict access.

If there is a suspicion that the code has been compromised or in the case where someone has vacated the premises, such as the hired help, the code can be changed. The freedom of a combination keypad means the code can be changed regularly to ensure that only those within the period of time the code is in use have permission to access the home. Gone are the worries of how many keys might be floating around out there.

Advantages of Electronic Door Locks

When making the decision to go with electronic door locks for homes, offices or business venues, consider the following:

  • Industrial strength and weatherproof
  • Exterior and interior lock body
  • Hacksaw-proof
  • Millions of code combinations possible
  • Multiple operation modes (programmable)
  • Able to fit wood or metal doors
  • Free exit, freedom from keys
  • Operational temperature range from -31 degrees to +151 degrees
  • Easy installation and retrofit
  • Uses 3AA alkaline batteries
  • No risk of code compromise if batteries fail
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
    Finally, it is important to remember that thieves tend to avoid the targets that they perceive as a challenge, as has proven to be the case with electronic door locks.