Door Lock Types

Door lock types – the various options available

There are a number of door lock types ranging from the simple indoor locks to the secure exterior locks. When deciding on the most suitable door lock, it is important to determine one’s safety needs and if the lock will be worth the expense. There are a number of locks available in the market, each designed for particular locations and purpose.
One of the most common types of lock in residential areas is the privacy lock. This is mostly used as an interior lock and does not really provide extra security. It has been designed with a lock button on the inside but does not have a key function on the outside. The lock has a narrow exterior slot that allows the insertion of thin objects that can push out the lock button when necessary.

Moderate security locks consist of locks that can open from the interior when a button is pressed and opened from outside using a key. These examples of door lock types include keyed entry that is designed with a lock built to fit into the door knob or handle. This type of locks is quite sufficient for doors in a building such as offices and classrooms.
Deadbolts are high-level security locks that are opened with keys from outside and turning of the knob from inside. During the opening, the bolt shifts position from the apparatus of the doorknob to a special slot in the frame. Deadbolts have traditionally been installed on top of door knobs. Deadbolts are so hard to pick meaning that they provide additional security that most invaders simply won’t want to encounter.

Technology has changed so many things. Innovations have led to the development of keyless locks that provide advanced level security and convenience. This door lock can be opened by entering a special code.

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Cylinder locks are other types of door locks common in most homes. They literally have a cylinder that goes inside the handle of the door. When locked, the door knob cannot turn which means the latch won’t open. The pins in the cylinder can only be turned with a key that fits the particular lock. If the key is turned one way, the cylinder is opened and anyone will be able to turn the door knob freely. If the key is turned the other way, the movement engages the lock meaning the door remains shut.

Chain bolts are additional locks found in doors in most apartments and hotels. They include a short stout chain attached to the door frame and a rounded bolt on the other side end that can be fitted on a lock installed on the door. When engaged, it allows the door to open slightly so that the person inside can look outside without having to open the door completely.