Don’t Use a Coat Hanger to Unlock Your Car

You dig through your pockets as you search with mounting panic. Suddenly, you stop and realize – you’ve left the keys locked in the car. What you need to do is call an automotive locksmith, pronto. Whether your primary concern is time or money, you may think it best to try solving the problem yourself. However, if you’ve left the keys locked in the car, the best way to save both time and money is to call a professional Locksmith in NYC from the start.

You may have heard tell of people using coat hangers to open locked car doors, but in truth coat hangers only work on certain lock mechanisms, and they generally don’t work at all on the locks in newer model cars. There are different methods for gaining access to a car with a coat hanger, but they are all fraught with potential problems.

One of the common methods is to shove a wedge into the seam at the top corner of the door. Then you snake the hanger in to the vehicle and try to pull or push the button to open the door. However, oftentimes coat hangers aren’t strong enough to open the door this way, even if it is designed in such a way that it could potentially be opened by a coat hanger-shaped device. One of the problems that can arise from attempting to open a door in this manner is that you may cause significant damage to your door. Not only will you risk scratching the paint, but if you wedge the door open too far you might shatter the window or even break the door. Plus, who carries a coat hanger around with them anyway?

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The other way to open a door with a coat hanger takes even longer and can cause even costlier damage. It involves inserting the hanger between the weather stripping and the window at the bottom corner of the door, the same way that you would insert a Slim Jim. Then you fish around inside the door – not inside the car, but inside the door itself – in an effort to pull up the metal latch mechanism. Again, if you use this method you risk scratching the paint. Also, you can tear the weather stripping around the window. If you have electric locks or power windows, you might cause damage to the wiring. Thus, although in the short run in may seem cheaper to gain access on your own, the possible automotive damages you can incur may cost far more than simply calling a locksmith.

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Also, if time is an issue, you should definitely call a locksmith because using a hanger can be a long and tedious process. Remember, there are 24/7 emergency locksmith services available to help you solve your lock-out problems at any time or day or night.

In the future, you can save time and money by having two sets of keys made so that you’re prepared the next time that you find you’ve accidentally left the keys locked in the car. That way you can keep your hangers in the closet where they belong.