Broken key in lock

What Can I Do About a Broken Key in Lock?

You may use several keys on your keychain on a regular basis. Some keys, like your house key and your car key, may be used multiple times per day. Keys are usually thin sheets of aluminum or nickel-plated brass. While they are designed to provide you with years of use, they can become worn out or weakened with regular use. Furthermore, keys can also stick inside a lock, or a lock may be difficult to turn. When you need to get inside a locked door, you may jiggle the lock and turn the key with might if necessary. If enough force is exerted on the key, if the key is already weakened or both, the key can easily break in the lock. When this happens, you may be locked outside of a door that you urgently need to get into.

What You Can Do

When you find yourself locked outside of a door with a broken key in lock, your options are limited. Someone else you know may have a spare key, but with a broken key in lock, the spare key will not be of assistance. You may have thought about picking the lock, but the broken key is blocking your ability to do so. The thought of trying to break a window may have also crossed your mind, but it can cost hundreds of dollars to replace a broken window. This is an expense that is avoidable. The best option to consider is to call a professional locksmith today for assistance to your issue.

What a Locksmith May Do

A full-service locksmith company that offers emergency services can quickly arrive at your location and can provide you with a range of services that may resolve your issue. A locksmith can replace the lock for you, or he may be able to extract the key for you and keep the original lock intact. If the original lock is kept intact, the locksmith can create a new key for you to replace the broken key in lock. The exact service offered will be dependent on the situation, but with many types of services available through a locksmith, calling for professional assistance is the ideal solution.

When you have a broken key stuck inside a lock, you cannot get into the door that you want to get into. If you were just locking the door to leave, you may not be able to leave your location until you get the broken key out of the lock and get a replacement key made. You can spend a lot of your personal time trying to finagle the key out of the lock on your own. However, even if you manage to do so, a new key will still need to be made. You can enjoy a speedy resolution to your issue when you call a professional locksmith for emergency locksmith services.