Bicycle Locks

Bicycles, even the old ones that are garage sale finds, often get stolen; thieves will target bikes for two reasons. One reason why a bike will get stolen is because a thief is looking for a way to either get away from another crime in a jiffy or simply wants to get home faster; the other reason is to sell a valuable stolen bike and make some money.

Even if you’ve got a bike that’s only cost you a few dollars, it’s still awful when it gets stolen. It’s even worse if you’ve spent several thousand dollars on a custom ride, so what can you do to prevent thieves from taking your wheels?

The first thing you want to do is get a sturdy lock for your bike. If you live in an area where bike theft is common, you’ll want to get a thick, heavy lock like a Kryptonite brand lock. Although they’re heavy and can weigh up to five pounds, Kryptonite locks will almost always keep your bike safe.

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In other areas, a less aggressive lock and chain is needed; however, you should never use a cable-type lock. Although they’re flexible and lightweight, they can easily be cut, so they don’t really offer that much protection. Always use a chain and lock combo: make sure the chain is hardened and weather-resistant.

Another step a locksmith might recommend when it comes to protecting your bicycle is to store it or park it in an area with a lot of light or an area with a lot of traffic. In these busy areas, a thief is not likely at all to bring out lock or chain-breaking tools. A case in point is the city of Victoria in Canada; one woman’s heavy-duty Kryptonite lock got broken because she stored her bicycle in an isolated, dark storage shed that is far away from residences. The thief worked with power tools for at least 6 hours to break the lock and chain, and there was nobody around to disturb him.

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Talk to your locksmith Upper West Side expert about the best kind of bicycle locks; chances are he or she will show you a product that will be easy to use yet offer high security.